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Our approach to working with imbalance, dizziness, and Parkinson’s disease is driven by research and enthusiasm for those who want to improve their life.

Valerie Johnson, PT, DPT has a doctorate in physical therapy as well as special training, experience, and expertise in physical therapy for vertigo, imbalance, and Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s Physical Therapy and Exercise

Here at Balance Therapy, we understand that a combination of specific exercises, an intentional mindset, and a supportive environment is a recipe for brain change in people with Parkinson’s disease. And, physical therapy along with exercise is essential in managing your Parkinson’s.

Exercise is a wonderful way to rewire the neural connections in your brain to make movement easier. We offer physical therapy and group exercise classes for Parkinson’s that will challenge your movement and cognitive abilities so that you can enjoy a better life.

Vestibular and Balance Therapy

Functioning on a daily basis can be a difficult chore for those with imbalance and dizziness. You may be one of the many that wade through a series of multiple providers and ineffective treatments before arriving at a solution from a specialized physical therapist.

Valerie evaluates and treats underlying causes of imbalance, falls, and dizziness. Based on the results from your interview and testing, Valerie prescribes exercises and treatments so that you may reduce symptoms, restore confidence, and resume your life.

Exercise Essentials for Parkinson’s Disease
by Dr. Valerie Johnson, PT, DPT

You don’t have to be a physical therapist to be an expert at exercise. All you need are some clear guidelines, a lot of effort, and little creativity. That’s what it takes to stay on top of your PD symptoms, slow the progression of PD, and enjoy a better life. In this guide, you will learn some tricks of the trade about how and why you should be exercising with PD.

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Vestibular & Balanace Therapy

We focus on evaluating and treating inner ear and neurological issues commonly resulting in problems with imbalance, dizziness, vertigo, or vision.

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Concusion Therapy

We understand the seriousness of concussions and implement best physical therapy practices to ensure a complete and expedited recovery.

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Parkinson's Therapy

Our approach to Parkinson’s therapy is driven by research and enthusiasm, we strive to get you functioning at your highest level of fitness, activity, and health.

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Hello, my name is Valerie Johnson.

I am a physical therapist devoted to bringing hope and solutions to those with Parkinson’s disease, imbalance, and dizziness. My treatment approach is driven by scientific evidence and passion so you can enjoy a better life.

In working with me, you can expect a work hard/ play hard and lovingly tough approach to brain changing exercises. Right off the bat, I will teach you the movement, balance, and lifestyle strategies you need to enjoy your life with more energy, confidence, and control over your condition.

I’m excited to help you get back to doing the things that make your life meaningful. My therapy and exercise programs are designed to to help you with anything from getting on the floor to play with your grandchildren to walking your daughter down the isle at her wedding, or whatever your goals may be.

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Donate To The M.I.N.D. Program

Help us fund free physical therapy for newly diagnosed person’s with Parkinson’s disease!